CEG-IST Seminar – F. Freeman Marvin

Zoom video conference

“The Four Faces of Facilitation” – 15:30

In recent years, competition in a global economy, virtual Work From Home (WFH), and advances in analytics and data science have prompted companies and government agencies to downsize, redesign processes, and engage with other organizations in order to cut costs and improve performance. These actions frequently eliminate layers of management and push more decision making down to the workforce. Teams are put in place and given many of the responsibilities formerly assigned to middle management. In these downsized, reengineered, and partnered enterprises, group facilitation is a skill business teams can’t afford to do without.

Success in this new workplace depends upon teamwork and collaboration among people from different functions, levels, and organizations. In these diverse group settings, facilitation skills are needed to design a process for the group, lead discussions during meetings, and move from ideas to consensus and action. Whether the designated group facilitator is a line manager, team leader, professional facilitator or outside consultant—he or she needs good facilitation skills.

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