CommUnity Solves: Fundão


“CommUnity Solves: Fundão” is a 3-day healthy competition event in the city of Fundão, Portugal. The CommUnity by Innoenergy in partnership with the Fundão municipality organizes this event from 15th to 17th of November of 2019.

The challenges will be presented by the Fundão municipality and their company partners, themed around the following energy sectors: Wind; Solar; Biomass; and Agriculture.

The event will consist of a competition with participants from the Fundão Municipality, InnoEnergy employees, energy professionals, experts, startups and students.

The healthy competition will be a “hackathon” style event:

• Challenge partners will each present one challenge related to their industry sector to the participants.
• Groups will be created amongst the attendees and will have one full day to formulate a solution.
• Participants will be encouraged to work on disruptive solutions intended to push large innovation in the industry and it will be provided support from catalysts at the event as well as brainstorming and creative design tools.
• Results will be well-thought radical propositions to the challenge partners that may foster further project development and collaboration.
• Transport and Accommodation are included.

More info and registration.