NeurIPS 2021 Workshop – Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning


Climate Change AI is hosting an upcoming workshop on “Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning” at the Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS) 2021. This workshop will showcase impactful work at the intersection of machine learning and climate change.

The workshop will take place in a virtual format on December 14, from 14:15 GMT, featuring livestreamed presentations given by experts with relevant work in these areas, who will share their perspectives with interest to different contexts such as academia, and the private and public sectors and the intersections between them.

Keynote talks
• Daron Acemoglu (MIT): “Is AI the Solution to Climate Change?”
• Anima Anandkumar (Caltech, Nvidia): “Role of AI in predicting and mitigating climate change”
• Tianzhen Hong (LBNL): “Machine Learning for Smart Buildings: Applications and Perspectives”
• Amy McGovern (University of Oklahoma): “Developing Trustworthy AI for Weather and Climate”.

The program includes two discussion panels, focusing on Decision-making and Data, respectively. These sessions will focus on these topics in the context of the intersection of the areas of artificial intelligence and climate change, focusing on approaches that can be pursued, opportunities and challenges, as well as existing innovation gaps.

Discussion Panel – Decision-making
• Eliane Ubalijoro (Future Earth)
• Lieve Helsen (KU Leuven)
• Lynn Kaack, (Hertie School)
• João M. Costa Sousa, (idMEC,IST, ULisboa).

Discussion Panel – Data
• Bethany Lusch (ANL)
• Brookie Guzder-Williams (WRI)
• Kakani Katija (MBARI)
• Tricia Martinez (Techstars Industries).

The program also includes a presentation of 79 submissions from scientific articles, proposals for new ideas and tutorials.

Full program.


Maria João Sousa (idMEC, IST, ULisboa)
Hari Prasanna Das (UC Berkeley)
Simone Fobi (Columbia University)
Ján Drgoňa (PNNL)
Tegan Maharaj (Mila, UToronto)
Yoshua Bengio (Mila, UdeM)