SCERG-iBB Seminar 9

Zoom video conference

The Stem Cell Engineering Research Group (SCERG) at iBB – Institute for Biosciences and Bioengineering will organise the 9th SCERG-iBB Seminar.


  • 9th April, 13:00 – Online

Speakers / Topics:

  • Pedro Diniz (PhD student) – “Design and validation of a finite element model of the aponeurotic and free Achilles tendon”.
  • Rafaela Neves (PhD student) – “Design and Modelling of Cryopreservation Systems with Application in Cell Therapies”.
  • Sara Bucar (PhD student) – “From umbilical cord blood stem/progenitor cells to T cells: a scalable and bioengineering approach of the thymic microenvironment”.
  • Sara Morini (PhD student) – “Large-scale expansion and characterization of non-parenchymal cells towards the bioengineering of a porcine whole liver”.

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