Mathematics, Physics & Machine Learning Seminar – Cláudia Soares

Zoom video conference

A set of MPML seminars will take place from 14th May to 16th July 2020, via Zoom.

• Date and hour: 14th May, Thursday | 17:30 – 18:30
• Speaker: professor Cláudia Soares (IST/DEEC; ISR/SIPG)
• Title: “The learning machine and beyond: a tour for the curious”
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These Mathematics, Physics & Machine Learning Seminars aims to bring together mathematicians and physicists interested in machine learning (ML) with ML and AI experts interested in mathematics and physics, aiming to introduce innovative Mathematics and Physics-inspired techniques in Machine Learning and, reciprocally, applying Machine Learning to problems in Mathematics and Physics.

Attendance is free (prior registration is required). In order to get the Zoom password, please subscribe the announcements in the registration menu, or contact one of the organisers.