Seminars@DEM – Luísa Coutinho

Técnico - Alameda campus

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Técnico (DEM-IST) is pleased to announce a new seminar under the “Seminars@DEM”.

  • 30th March 2022, 1 p.m. – face to face*
  • Speaker: Luísa Coutinho (Full professor, IST/DEM-Scientific Area of Manufacturing and Industrial Management; idMEC).

Title: “Lessons learned in 45 years of professional activity.

  • Abstract:
    The challenges a lecturer at IST-DEM faced in the 80s were mainly related with the lack of resources to develop research work, the difficulties in establishing collaboration with industry and, for a woman, being respected in a men’s world. In the international environment, for a Portuguese, it was difficult to achieve recognition for the research work developed in Portugal and receive invitations to participate in international RTD projects. Some of these challenges are still existing today though in a different environment. In a professional path of more than 40 years solutions to overcome these difficulties were found and implemented. These have led to the development of high-quality work recognised internationally.
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*Venue: Informatics III building, ground floor, FA3 amphiteatre.