Técnico podcast “110 Histórias, 110 Objetos” – “Solidariedade Estudantil”

The podcast “110 Histórias | 110 Objetos” (“110 Stories, 110 Objects”) covers the 110 years of history of Instituto Superior Técnico, through its past, present and future objects.

A collection of objects related to different fields, such as science, music, arts and sports, is the starting point for conversations with people who will tell us more about the history of these objects.

A new episode is released every week. The podcast “110 Histórias | 110 Objetos is part of the Público newspaper podcasts.

Today’s episode (#22) – 26th November: “110 Histórias | 110 Objetos” “Solidariedade Estudantil” (the “Student solidarity” bulletin ).

On the morning of 26 November 1967, exactly 54 years ago, the Lisbon metropolitan area was affected by heavy rainfall. The 1967 Floods were one of the major disasters in Portugal and exposed many of the country’s weaknesses. According to official information 462 people died, but according to historians there was at least 700 deaths. As a reaction to this tragedy, the Técnico students launched a memorable solidarity campaign to support the population of Vala do Carregado, which included household tasks, distributing food, transporting people who needed medical assistance and vaccination. Despite the dictatorship control, the “Solidariedade Estudantil” bulletin (“Student Solidarity” bulletin ) distributed at Técnico was one of the few bulletins that escaped the censorship under the Estado Novo. The bulletin was written by the Técnico students who participated in the solidarity campaign and reached 10 000 copies.

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