Walkman Land – Walkman’s 40th anniversary

The Walkman Land is open until 31st January by appointment with the Educational services of Técnico museums.

Professor Moisés Piedade will exhibit his magnificent Walkman collection at Faraday museum.

The Walkman is considered one of the devices that most influenced the behaviour of people in modern societies. Sony TPS-L2 was the first portable music player.

It was introduced in Japan in 1979. A year after its release, in 1980, this device was introduced in the United States of America, where it earned the designation that still stands today. It was, however, from 1987 to 1997 that the Walkman reached a resounding popularity and became eternalized in history.

The exhibition can be visited until 31st January, by appointment with the Educational services of the Museums of Técnico.

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