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A journey through 120 years of aviation and the challenges ahead

Professor Donizetti de Andrade, renowned expert in this area, came to Técnico to explain the evolution of aviation in the last 120 years.

This Wednesday, December 5, professor Donizetti de Andrade gave a lecture on aviation security, at Técnico.

Técnico and Instituto Tecnológico de Aeronáutica (ITA) established a partnership which resulted in a specialisation course in Aviation Security and Continued Airworthiness.

“Aviation is undoubtedly a complex and multidisciplinary activity”, said professor Donizetti de Andrade. “A plane crash is unforgivable. It causes a general commotion even if more people die in traffic or in hospitals”. “Almost 40% of accidents occur when the plane is landing. So people pray at the wrong time”, he joked.

Professor Donizetti de Andrade pointed out “the evolution of technology is one of the main causes of cockpit automation” and stressed “the testing phase is very important”.

According to professor Donizetti de Andrade “there is a lot of interesting projects in the field of aviation”. “We must start considering aeronautics as a way of solving traffic problems and create a new context”, he added.

Professor Donizetti de Andrade presented the advanced training course in Aviation Security and Continued Airworthiness that will be launched by Técnico+. “Our goal is to deepen the skills of professionals who work in this field, to encourage the development of a scientific and technological approach, to stimulate new lines of research in this area and to allow systematic knowledge of the various dimensions of aviation” said the professor. “I am sure that training is one of the responses to meet all the needs of aviation now and in the future”, said the professor.

“This course is intended for professionals who already work in this field and also for those who dream working in the field of aviation”, said professor Donizetti de Andrade.