Applications for Minors 2020/2021 – 2nd cycle students

Applications are open from June 1 to July 31.

Applications for Minors are open until 31st of July. Técnico students (2nd cycle) are eligible to apply, following the implementation of the new teaching model.

A Minor is a cohesive set of courses that offer a foundation in an area of study that is not the main area of student’s study cycle, and consists of 18 ECTS credits. The Técnico students enrolled in any Master’s degree have the opportunity to attend a small set of subjects within a particular field of study and to further enrich their basic scientific training. Pursuing a minor allows students to explore skills that belong to their domain of interests, but that are not directly related to the Master’s degree they are attending.

Application for Minors must be submitted online through an application platform. Students may select a maximum of 6 Minors and indicate the order of preference.

In the 2021/2022 academic year, students who still have at least 18 ECTS credits in their curriculum may exceptionally apply for a Minor.

Each Minor has a specific number of vacancies and selection criteria. In order to promote a multidisciplinary approach, if a Minor is related to a specific scientific area, students enrolled on such courses are not allowed to attend those Minors. Therefore, the application period will be followed by a selection of students that will precede the enrolment period.

Técnico offers a wide range of Minors across a number of subjects, covering Data Science, Energy of the Future, etc.

Admission requirements (only available in Portuguese)

Regulations (only available in Portuguese)

The list of admitted students will be posted on September 15.

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Video about the New Teaching Model