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5th edition of Bioengineering Week

Experts form different areas participated in the Bioengineering Week (SBE).

In the 5th edition of Bioengineering Week (SBE), anything you want to watch or hear is only a click away. The participants can access all information about the activities, lectures, speakers, create their own calendar and clarify their doubts.

The 14 lectures held during SBE addressed topics such as: cosmetics, food, artificial intelligence, neurosciences and biomaterials. “The lectures covered a broad range of topics relevant to students from other courses”, says Beatriz Nunes, member of SBE organisation team. “We were able to bring together various speakers who have different views of the same subject, and this is something that captivates the participants”, she adds.

Professors Miguel Seabra, Luís Almeida, Ana Teresa Freitas and Henrique Faneca shared their views on genetic potential, namely cancer treatment, hereditary blindness, neurodegenerative diseases and healthier lifestyles. According to professor Ana Teresa Freitas, CEO of HeartGenetics, “Genetics is what makes us what we are: unique”.

The 5th edition SBE involved the participation of Integrated MSc students in Biomedical engineering and Biomedical engineering and MSc students in Biotechnology and Microbiology. Besides attending the lectures, the participants also had the opportunity to attend several workshops and participate in technical visits. “Registrations for these two activities ran out very quickly, which shows students interest in our activities”, says Beatriz Neves.

According to Beatriz Neves, the highlight of this edition was the lecture on artificial intelligence, held on SBE last day, March 22nd: “AI is a current and very important topic for engineering. The room was crowded. Students from other courses attended the lecture, as well as students from other schools”.