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A choice that will lead to a successful future

Welcome week: Day 2 devoted to understand the reasons why the new students chose Técnico.

It is not by chance that students choose Técnico. They are aware of Técnico’ s prestige, the high quality teaching, the reputation of research and the high quality faculty. The wide range of career opportunities, the internationalisation, the diversity of engineering jobs  and the importance of Técnico graduates in the labour market, are other important aspects when the time comes for a decision.

A less positive experience in a biology course at another university last year, led Rita Duarte to an engineering course. She decided to apply for Information Systems and Computer Engineering because she wanted a course that would not make her miss mathematics and, at the same time, allow her to learn more about computer engineering. She decided to spend some time at Técnico and feel its academic atmosphere, which she thought to be dominated by fierce competition among students. However, she realised that she was wrong and found out that “Técnico graduates are very well prepared and this makes them the most employable graduates in Portugal and even abroad”.

Beatriz Vale chose Materials Engineering course because it combines mathematics, physics and chemistry. She took advice from her father, who is also an engineer, and checked with other universities before applying to Técnico. “Besides its international prestige, Técnico is one of the top Portuguese universities for graduate employability and this is very important because I don’t want to work abroad, I’d rather stay in Portugal”, she says.

“Some of my teachers studied here and they spoke very well about Técnico. This school is widely known and I think this is very positive for us”, recalls João Preto, Chemical Engineering new student.

Constança Sabino entered her 2nd choice course: Chemical Engineering. “My brother and some of his friends studied here and they told me a lot about Técnico’ s high quality teaching ”, she says. “The fact that Técnico students get a job even before they finish their courses guided my choice”, she stresses.

This Tuesday, Alameda campus welcomes the new students of Information Systems and Computer Engineering, Materials Engineering and Chemical Engineering courses.