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A day at Técnico

Two students from Externato Marista de Lisboa had the opportunity to spend a day at Técnico, where they were briefed about the University and its courses.

Leonor Santos and Inês Ferreira, two high school students from Externato Marista de Lisboa participated in an initiative that aims to bring together high school students and universities. Based on their interest for engineering, both students visited the Institute for Systems and Robotics (ISR). “I accepted the proposal with great enthusiasm because this is a unique opportunity”, says Leonor Santos.

Professor Alexandre Bernardino prepared a wide range of activities for the two young students. “Besides exploring the robotics laboratories we met some students who clarified our doubts and at the end of the day we visited the campus”, says Inês Ferreira. “It was an extraordinary day. I had the opportunity to participate in unique activities that I will never forget”, adds Leonor.

“Now I am much more aware of Electrical Engineering course, which will be very useful when I apply to university”, underlines Leonor. Técnico will be the first option for both of them even though Inês has not yet decided about the course. “I am still hesitant, but Chemical Engineering or Electrical Engineering are strong possibilities”, she says.

At the end of the day, Leonor and Inês were more aware of the opportunities that await them. They were grateful for the experience and the warm welcome from Professor Alexandre Bernardino, hoping to return soon.