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“A scholarship promoted by students for students”

Junitec, composed of students from Técnico, has awarded 3 scholarships to students who have now started their academic process.

The Museum of Civil Engineering prepared to receive 3 new students in what was a ceremony for signing the award of their scholarships, funded by Junior Companies of the Instituto Superior Técnico (Junitec). This is always a moment of achievement to the patrons. And a joy for students who have won a scholarship and are more than ready to receive it.

Junitec was born through Técnico and it’s the bridge between the student community of Técnico and the Portuguese business world. The group of entrepreneurial students founded the company in 1990 and has as one of its main objectives to value the university students, whose social situation justifies the award of a scholarship and which reveals a recognized academic merit.

Students Bernardo Sousa, Daniel Lopes and Nelma Andrade were awarded with a scholarship by Junitec, who thanked to the young patrons, who were present in representation of all of its 65 members, all of them students of Técnico. The scholarship program was articulated with the Technical Academic Development Center (NDA), which accompanied students throughout the process.

Professor Alexandre Francisco, vice president for academic affairs on behalf of Técnico, is already a regular presence in these scholarship ceremonies, but considered today’s particularly special because the scholarships were awarded through a group of students who “decided to award these scholarships to students who really need them”, he said. Professor Rui Valadas, coordinator of the Bologna Degree in Telecommunications and Informatics Engineering (LETI) also valued and congratulated the initiative of the patrons.

Maria João Carvalho, president of Junitec, said that “the founders had an ideology they still share today. The desire to do more and go further and be able to explore more students’ skills” creating the possibility of using the knowledge applied in Técnico, but also to acquire new knowledge and have a real experience in direct contact with companies and partners”, indicating that this is always the basis of the company.

Matilde Pitorra, Secretary-General of the Board added that “Junitec is important for the students of Técnico because, not only, it shows what the business world is, but it helps a lot to know students from several areas of expertise who end up having access to many events and training sessions and to a whole network of alumni that has already passed through Junitec”,  she ensures.

For students and future students who want to know about existing scholarships and eligibility conditions, they can consult the NDA page, where they can find all the information they need to apply.