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Hovione scholarship programme supports four students

The pharmaceutical company renewed the scholarship of three students and extended the support to one student.

Hovione renewed the scholarship of three students and extended the support to one student. The ceremony took place this Tuesday, 3rd March. Hovione’s scholarship programme – “Hovione Solidária na Educação” – will continue to support Ricardo Dias, Beatriz Colaço and Ana Oliveira (Chemical engineering students) and will extend the support to Mariana Carreira Bento (Biomedical engineering student).

The ceremony was attended by the Vice-president of Técnico for Academic Affairs, professor Alexandre Francisco, the president of the Department of Chemical Engineering (DEQ), professor Teresa Duarte, the president of the Department of Bioengineering (DBE), professor João Pedro Conde, the coordinator of Integrated MSc in Biomedical Engineering, professor João Sanches and engineer Hélder Delgado, Sustainability Specialist at Hovione.

“These scholarships are very important for Técnico and mean a lot to our students; they recognise students’ merit and will allow them to pursue their studies” said professor Alexandre Francisco. “On behalf of Técnico and our students I would like to thank Hovione for this important support”, he added.

According to engineer Hélder Delgado “these scholarships are a way of expressing our gratitude to the universities that produce the most employable graduates and also a way of supporting students with outstanding academic merit who need financial aid”. Engineer Hélder Delgado gave an example of a former scholarship recipient from Técnico who is currently working at Hovione and expressed his wish that what has happened before may happen again with these students. “We want to turn this support into useful relationships between our company and students”.

Only three students were able to attend the ceremony. “I like to go further, to attend training courses and workshops. This scholarship allows me not to give up these things and to invest in my training”, said Mariana Carreiro Bento. Ana Oliveira also stressed the importance of this support, “this scholarship is a great help and encourages us to pursue our studies”. Ricardo Dias expressed his gratitude to Hovione “this scholarship makes all the difference. I can only express my gratitude for your generous support”.