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Assessment of good practices submitted on ObservIST

The Observatory of good Practices at IST (ObservIST) is a project that aims to “Identify, consolidate and disseminate institutional good practices”.

The ObservIST website provides information on the good practices recognised in the first call of this observatory.

The good practices on strategic areas of Education, Processes and Quality were analysed by the evaluation panel of this 1st edition:

• Jorge Morgado – President of the Quality Management Board (CGQ)
• Raquel Aires Barros – Member of the Steering Committee for IST strategic Plan (CAPE)
• Ana Póvoa – CGQ Faculty member
• Cecília Moreira – CGQ Non-faculty member
• João Pires Ribeiro – CGQ Student member

IST appreciates the involvement of everyone in this project, which includes a Meeting (date to be announced) to present all the good practices identified.