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“Being among the best is a challenge”

These are the words by Gonçalo Martins, the student who had the highest admission grade and entered Aerospace Engineering course at Técnico.

Gonçalo Martins had one of the highest admission averages at national level and he had the highest score in the national exams, which allowed him to enter course with the highest admission grade: Aerospace Engineering.

The new Técnico student had a 19,9 admission average. He had a remarkable score in the national exams: 20. According to Gonçalo, continuous effort and strong stress management skills are the key to success. “You must stay calm during an exam because nervousness can actually prejudice your performance and therefore your results”. “I have high expectations and also some fear, but I feel confident. Being among the best is a challenge”, he adds.

Gonçalo always had good grades. He always liked mathematics but his passion for Physics and Chemistry led him to engineering. The 17 year old student from Póvoa do Varzim thought very carefully about the course: “I talked with my colleagues who study here and I also talked with some professors”. Mechanical Engineering was also an option but he ended up choosing Aerospace Engineering. “Aircrafts always fascinated me, as well as fast cars, Formula 1, so I thought that Aerospace Engineering was a bigger challenge for me”.

“I didn’t stop doing anything to get these grades. We must find the right balance. Everyone can get good grades, we only need to work hard and focus on our goals. We can go out at night with our friends and we can spend time with our family”, says Gonçalo Martins.

The new student confesses: “I would like very much to work on Formula 1. It would be a dream come true”. Like many other children, when Gonçalo was a child he dreamt of becoming an astronaut and nowadays he is not so far from that. As he likes to say: continuous effort and strong stress management skills are the key to success.