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CA2ECTécnico Awards: Santander supports 17 projects developed by student groups

The award ceremony took place virtually this Tuesday, 10th November.


The CA2ECTécnico Awards are delivered annually and aim to reward the extracurricular activities developed by Técnico student groups. The award ceremony took place virtually this Tuesday, 10th November.

Professor Rogério Colaço, Técnico president, highlighted the importance of Santander support over the last 6 years and praised the proactivity and the work capacity demonstrated by Técnico students to respond to the adversities caused by the pandemic. “The student groups have kept their activities and projects in this difficult moment and this is of utmost importance”.

“I wish all participants a great success”, said Dr. Sofia Frère, director of Santander Universities Portugal. As a member of the jury, she shared the difficulty in choosing the winners due to “the high quality and originality of the projects”. “This partnership has been fruitful for both Técnico and Santander, and I am sure that it will continue to be so in the future”.

According to Gonçalo Matos, student representative of IST Pedagogical Council “this competition is in line with what has been the work and the debate around the new educational model at Técnico, which further recognises the role of extracurricular activities”.

The winning teams presented their projects and explained how they evolved, highlighted the importance of these awards and the expected outcomes.

All student groups representatives thanked Santander and Técnico for their vote of confidence and support. Ana Isabel Ventura, president of BEST, stressed “this support allows us to maintain our capacity to innovate and to fulfill our mission”.


The following projects were distinguished:

  • Launching of “Autora 3.0” – RED: Rocket Experiment Division (AeroTéc), €2,000 euros;
  • EBEC (BEST), €1,500;
  • BEST Inside View (BEST), €100;
  • Dissemination actions – Mechanical Engineering (Fórum Mecânica), €250;
  • Low voltage bench (FST Lisboa), €2,500;
  • Drama Workshops (GTIST), €2,000;
  • HackerSchool projects, 2nd edition (HackerSchool), €750;
  • Ultraviolet Cleaning Robot (N3E), €800;
  • Environmental Engineering Seminar Series (NEEA), €700;
  • NEECTalks – 2nd edition (NEECIST), €1,900;
  • 5th EGI Seminar Series (NEEGI), €600;
  • BreakingDev (NEETI), €2,000;
  • e-Sports Tournament (NEIIST), €700;
  • PULSAR – Science Communication (NFIST), €1,000;
  • New GP21 Prototype (PSEM), €3,000;
  • Commemorative video clip on the centenary of Amália Rodrigues’ birth (TFIST), €200;
  • Development and construction of a hidrogen fuel cell (Técnico Solar Boat) €4,000.