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CA2ECTécnico: Santander rewards projects developed by Student Groups

The CA2ECTécnico is a competition that aims to support extracurricular activities promoted by student groups at Instituto Superior Técnico. The CA2ECTécnico awards were delivered this Wednesday, December 15, at Técnico – Alameda campus. 19 projects were supported by Santander Bank worth €20,000.

The vice-president of Técnico for Financial Management, Doctor Isabel Dias, who was part of the jury, highlighted the importance of these awards that recognise “the students’ capacity for resilience and effort”.

“Extracurricular activities allow students to develop diversified and complementary skills”, stressed the Head of Santander Universities, Dr Cristina Neves. “We consider that the activities developed by the student groups, as complementary activities to the pedagogical and scientific activity that you have in your daily life, and which is one of the most complete that exists in Europe, are key to develop skills for your future”, she added.

Beatriz Isidro, student vice president of the Pedagogical Council (CP), highlighted the exponential growth in the number of student groups, which shows that students want to innovate and to develop quality projects, and also “reflects the working capacity of Técnico students”. “It’s absolutely extraordinary to see how innovative you are. I can’t even imagine what it would be like if there were more incentives like this”, she said.

All student groups representatives thanked Santander and Técnico for their vote of confidence and support.

Winning projects:
• UAV-ART (AeroTéc), 1.300 euros;
• BEST Inside View (BEST), 300 euros;
• European BEST Engineering Competition (BEST) 1.500 euros;
• 9th Civil Engineering Seminar Series (Fórum Civil), 800 euros;
• AI-assisted driver training (FST Lisboa), 1000 euros;
• GameDev Técnico Game Jams (GameDev Técnico), 1.000 euros;
• TecStorm’22 (JUNITEC), 1.000 euros;
• First Aid Course (NEBIST), 700 euros;
• 7th Bioengineering Week (NEBIST), 650 euros;
• Environmental Engineering Seminar Series (NEEA), 500 euros;
• NEECTalks Studio (NEECIST), 1.000 euros;
• Lisbon Case Study Competition (NEEGI) 1000 euros;
• E-Sports Tournament (NEIIST), 1.000 euros;
• National Meeting of Materials Engineering students (NEMat), 1.500 euros;
• 35th Chemical Engineering Seminar Series (NEQIST), 750 euros;
• Astronomy Summer School 2022 (NFIST), 1.000 euros;
• PSEM (PSEM), 2.000 euros;
• Design of BLDC motors and controllers for the Urban Concept FCEV prototype (Técnico Fuel Cell), 1.000 euros;
• Recording and Mastering of a TUIST CD, including videoclips (TUIST), 1.000 euros.