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Santander rewards nineteen projects developed by student groups

Rewarding and encouraging merit, talent, time management skills, creativity and achievement is quite simple when we look at projects developed by Técnico student groups. The Santander Universities Award Ceremony took place this Monday, 16th December. 19 projects entirely designed and developed by Técnico students received financial support.

“Our students are one of our main driving forces, not only for their academic quality, but also for the activities they develop here, which are very enriching and makes us very proud”, said professor Luís Castro, Vice-president of Técnico for Financial Management.

Engineer Marcos Ribeiro, Head of Santander Universities, shared “I am very pleased to attend this ceremony, delivering these awards that recognise some projects that are now taking their first steps. We have been following some of these projects for some time and we are honoured to see them growing exponentially”. These student groups are, in fact, the driving force of Técnico”, he stressed.

“I would like to congratulate you on your work, your ability to excel, your ability to create”, said Francisca Simões, Student vice-president of the Pedagogic Board (CP), who highlighted the importance of these awards as a “way of recognising and encouraging these ideas and their implementation”. The student thanked Santander “for supporting these projects with such a positive impact on students, school and society”.

The students presented their projects and results. “We would like to thank you for this opportunity. This award is the recognition of our work and it is really important”, stressed Sara Barroso, team member of JEEC.

The 19 projects awarded were:

  • FST 10d (FST Lisboa), 4.000 euros
  • BreakingDev ( NEETI), 2.000 euros
  • Curso de Expressão Dramática (GTIST), 2.000 euros
  • JEECs (NEECIST), 2.000 euros
  • MecanIST (Fórum Mecânica), 2.000 euros
  • Remodelação do espaço VPLab (PSEM), 2.000 euros
  • Rádio Zero: Prova de Conceito para Emissões Digitais (Rádio Zero), 1.500 euros
  • VIII Jornadas de Civil (Fórum Civil), 1.500 euros
  • XXIII Semana da Física (NFIST), 1.500 euros
  • Torneio de e-Sports (NEIIST), 1.450 euros
  • Lisbon Case Study Competition (NEEGI), 1.200 euros
  • EBEC  (BEST), 1.000 euros
  • XIV Noites de Luar (TUIST), 1.000 euros
  • Equipa de Ténis IST (Equipa de Ténis IST), 800 euros
  • Projetos HackerSchool (HackerSchool), 750 euros
  • VI Semana da Bioengenharia (NEBIST), 500 euros
  • Diferencial – Um Diálogo Estudantil (Diferencial), 400 euros
  • Jornadas de Engenharia do Ambiente (NEEA), 300 euros
  • BEST Inside View (BEST), 100 euros