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Caixa Geral de Depósitos supports 11 projects developed by Student Groups

7 years ago, Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD) partnered with Técnico  to reward the work carried out by the Student Groups, to highlight the potential of their projects and to help them continue growing. This Tuesday, 11th December, 11 projects were distinguished under the CA2ECTécnico, a competition that aims to support extracurricular activities promoted by student groups at Instituto Superior Técnico. In total, the CGD support amounted to 12 thousand euros.

The president of Técnico, professor Rogério Colaço, thanked CGD for a “long standing partnership” and also for supporting the student groups. “These projects contribute not only in a decisive way to the training of our students, but they also have an impact on everything we have learned at Técnico. These awards that we give with the support of CGD are crucial so that these initiatives can go on with success”.

Dr José João Guilherme, Executive Director at CGD, stressed the importance of the work carried out by the student groups: “It is our conviction that the path to our progress as a society must be based on knowledge more than anything else. Your projects can make an impact on people’s lives, and Caixa Geral de Depósitos is willing to support that,” he said. The Executive Director at CGD also praised Técnico graduates for their “capacity for reflection and resilience”.

“It is very good to see that during all these years, and even before these awards existed, the students continued to develop innovative projects”, stressed Beatriz Isidro, student vice president of the Pedagogical Council (CP). “These awards encourage innovative thinking and reward your excellent work”, she added.

Representatives of the several student groups awarded presented their projects, highlighted the impact of this support on their activities and shared future goals. “Thanks to this support we are able to continue developing our projects”, said Daniela Machado, GameDev Técnico representative .

Winning projects:
• Olissipo Air Team: Air Cargo Challenge 2022 (AeroTéc), 1.450 euros;
• IST Tennis Team (ETIST), 750 euros;
• FST11 (FST Lisboa), 2.000 euros;
• GameDev Técnico Sessions (GameDev Técnico), 1. 000 euros;
• Material for Projects and Workshops (HackerSchool), 700 euros;
• “Ágora” Magazine (NEEA), 250 euros;
• NEECathon – 4th edition (NEECIST), 1.000 euros;
• “Explora os Materiais” (NEMat), 1.250 euros;
• 25th Engineering Physics Week (NFIST),1. 000 euros;
• Videoclip – “Lisboa Vadia” (TFIST), 600 euros;
• TLM04 charger (TLMoto), 2.000 euros.