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Celebrating 107 years of Técnico while looking to the future

The event “Dia do Técnico” celebrated the history of the school and allowed participants to share experiences and future challenges.

This Wednesday, May 23, Técnico celebrated its 107th anniversary. Besides celebrating the history of the school, Técnico also celebrates excellence in teaching. The president of Técnico, professor Arlindo Oliveira, opened the session highlighting the importance of “anticipating the future” and reiterated that, “on this topic and as an engineering school, Técnico’ s role is even more important”. Professor Arlindo Oliveira took the opportunity to talk about two projects that are now beginning: Arco do Cego and the new health care unit at Campus Tecnológico e Nuclear (CTN).

The president of Técnico officially launched two initiatives: “Técnico +” and Técnico Partner Network. According to professor Arlindo Oliveira the first one “aims to disseminate the activities carried out at Técnico in the field of lifelong learning” and the second one “intents to improve the link between Técnico and Portuguese innovative companies”.

The Navigator Company, Thales, Novabase, Mckinsey, Santander, BPI and Caixa Geral de Depósitos were the companies that joined Técnico Partner Network. According to Diogo da Silveira, CEO at The Navigator Company and one of the main promoters of the this network, “we are now starting a closer collaboration between entities that are going to better understand and support each other”. “I am sure that the results of this partnership will benefit and strengthen both parties”, concluded the CEO.

During his speech the Minister of Economy, Manuel Caldeira Cabral, referred that “Técnico continues to be a school of reference not only at national level, but also at international level”. According to the minister, the main challenge for universities is the business-university partnership. “The potential results of these partnerships will be one of the main drivers of economic growth in the next decade and this is what Portugal needs”, stressed Manuel Caldeira Cabral.

The speech of the Minister of Economy was followed by the ceremony to honour IST employees (faculty, researchers and staff) for 25 years of service and IST Outstanding Teaching Award ceremony. Professor Vítor Cardoso (1st cycle) and professor Ana Azevedo (2nd cycle) received the IST Outstanding Teaching Award. Visibly happy, both of them took the opportunity to thank everyone who have contributed for their success as professors and researchers, namely students “who make me special and with whom I learn so much”, said professor Ana Azevedo. “Being a professor is not that easy. Teaching is not an isolated act so it should at least be appreciated”, said professor Vitor Cardoso.

After the speech by the Vice-rector of Universidade de Lisboa, professor António Feijó, the audience stood up and applauded the two new IST Distinguished Professors: Isabel Ribeiro and Isabel Sá Correia. “I am very pleased that this year, and in a way never attempted before, two women are receiving this award”, said professor Isabel Ribeiro. “I want to believe that I received this award regardless of being a woman”, said professor Isabel Sá Correia, reiterating the importance of keeping gender balance on the agenda and highlighting “the effort that has been made by Técnico in this matter”.

During his speech the Minister for Science, Technology and Higher Education, professor Manuel Heitor, stressed several times that “excellence should be within everyone’s reach”. Inspired by the speeches of the two IST Distinguished Professors, the minister said: “I will be leaving here more mobilised to make these two stories what we all want for our daughters”.

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