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106 years at the service of knowledge

The annual ceremony of Técnico’s anniversary brought together many speakers with a link to Técnico.

The annual ceremony of Dia do Técnico took place this Tuesday, May 23. The 106th anniversary of Técnico and its history, as well as the setting of future goals were the main topics of this event. The ceremony was attended by professor Manuel Heitor, Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, professor António Cruz Serra, Rector of Universidade de Lisboa and professor Dava Newman, principal investigator at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Professor Arlindo Oliveira, President of Técnico, opened the session noting that Técnico plays an important role in engineering education and that Técnico “is a school for the world”. He also highlighted the many “significant challenges that have been overcome” in recent years due to “Técnico’s international partnerships”. According to Professor Arlindo Oliveira the future will continue to depend “on excellence” and on a leading place among “the best engineering schools in the world”.

Professor Carlos Guedes Soares (Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering) and professor José Tribolet (Computer Engineering) were awarded the Diplomas for Excellence in Education. Computer Engineering professors David Matos (1st cycle) and Sandra Gama (2nd cycle), received the IST Outstanding Teaching Award. The IST employees (faculty, researchers and staff) who completed 25 years of service were also awarded with a medal.

“It is a pleasure to be here on such a special and incredible day”, said professor Dava Newman from MIT, who took the opportunity to highlight the importance of the Portuguese government investment in “research, technology and education”, making the partnership with “MIT Portugal an incredible 11 years journey”. “In the next 100 years we will land humans on Mars”, said Dava, looking forward “to the next 100 years of this partnership”.

In the same line, the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education and the Rector of Universidade de Lisboa gave their speeches: the need to stimulate and value the scientific career. “We need to value and strengthen the scientific and teaching career in Portugal”, said professor Manuel Heitor, highlighting the effort that the government has made to this end. Professor António Cruz Serra noted that the government’s effort is important so that “Técnico continues to do his job well and continues to impact society”. The Rector ended the session in an effusive way, saying “Long live Técnico”.