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Challenging Engineering Physics during two days

The activity organised by MEFT – Integrated Master in Engineering Physics – and by the Department of Physics, brought dozens of young people to Técnico.

The annual activity organised by MEFT – Integrated Master in Engineering Physics – and by the Department of Physics at Instituto Superior Técnico brought together over 90 students, from 15 to 18 years old and from different regions of the country, who wanted to attend the 6th edition of the event to challenge the limits of Science and technology.

According to professor Pedro Abreu, one of the people responsible for the activity “we want to attract the best students to our course”. The two days included lectures given by professors, researchers and alumni, as well as visits to laboratories. “We try to give a brief overview of the very exciting topics and scientific activities carried out at the Department of Physics and associated Research Units”, explains professor Pedro Abreu.

Short presentations about two-dimensional materials, nanotechnology, gravitational waves and supercomputers generate parallel conversations. “These presentations are meant to sharpen your curiosity, to give you an idea of our scientific research projects“, explained professor Pedro Abreu.

During the afternoon the several groups of students visited ISTTOK, INESC-MN, the Laboratory for Intense Lasers and the Cosmic Rays Laboratory. The students had the opportunity to know more about the activities developed in these laboratories and research units and the future projects.

Sara Bonito is a 16-year-old girl and although she enters university a year from now, she already knows well what she wants. “I have had this idea of enrolling for MEFT for some time and that’s why I came here”, says the young student. Also Filipe Cunha, a student of the same age, says that “the involvement in such initiatives encouraged me to study Engineering Physics at Técnico”. “I had other opportunities but after being here MEFT is at the top of my priorities”, said the student. Both of them enjoyed everything: “I really liked attending the lectures, they covered a wide range of topics and addressed the different branches of Physics”, said Filipe. Next year he will come again “but not just passing through this time”, he assured.