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CIO@IST brings to Técnico EDP’s Director of Information Systems

Engineer Vergílio Rocha, Director of Information Systems at EDP Group, was the guest speaker of the fifth edition.

The 5th edition of CIO@IST, an event that brings to IST top executives from major companies to share and promote the discussion on the current challenges for computer engineering, was held this Tuesday.

Engineer Vergílio Rocha, Director of Information Systems at EDP, was the guest speaker of this 5th edition and presented the challenges that the company faces in this area, in particular EDP Digital.

Professor Arlindo Oliveira, president of Técnico, opened the session noting that these “interesting seminars” show that “the importance of Information Systems is far greater than most people think”.

Vergílio Rocha presented a lecture focused on three topics: EDP’s current situation; information systems at EDP Group; EDP’s digital transformation. “In a few words, EDP is surely one of the few big companies of our country, which is not necessarily good for Portugal and the company itself. But it’s definitely very good for those who work there”, he said.

The engineer gave an overview of the company, but noted that there are many challenges in this area: “No one knows what energy will be like in 10 years’ time (…). EDP is trying to stay on the right track to overcome the future challenges, many of them completely unpredictable”.