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Dinner with Alumni focused on artificial intelligence

Professor Arlindo Oliveira shared the achievements in AI, which was the topic of his book launched recently.

On May 25, more than one hundred students and alumni attended a dinner organised by the IST Alumni Association (AAAIST). “Long time no see” were probably the most repeated words during the event.

During the event, as usual, a Técnico alumnus is invited to share the challenges after student life. Professor Arlindo Oliveira, president of Técnico, was the guest speaker this time and took the opportunity to talk about his book launched recently entitled “Digital Minds”.

The first algorithms, the rapid and surprising transformations “overlapping each other” and the technological applications to multiple areas were some of the topics addressed by professor Arlindo Oliveira. According to the president of Técnico the following years will be much influenced by artificial intelligence, however its extent is not yet know. “We are not good predicting the effects of sequential evolution because its developments are always much more exponential than what we predict”, he noted.