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Discovering job opportunities at CISCO

The session promoted the exchange of ideas between Técnico students and several CISCO employees.

The CISCO Talent Search Meeting held this Thursday, 28th October, brought together Técnico Master’s students (Information Systems and Computer Engineering / Electrical and Computer Engineering) and several CISCO employees.

Carla Patrocínio, coordinator of the Technology Transfer Office at Técnico, highlighted the importance of these meetings for Técnico students once “they can ask everything to CISCO employees”. “This is the first of many initiatives that we will jointly organise”, added Carla Patrocínio. The advantages of this close collaboration with CISCO, which is member of Técnico Partner Network, were highlighted by Fábio Gameiro, consulting engineer at Cisco and Técnico alumnus.
The five CISCO employees shared their professional journey, explained their working areas and the company’s core business, talked about the challenges they face every day and the privilege of working at CISCO.

Fábio Gameiro shared information about the new Customer Experience Center (CX) in Lisbon, the value that multinational companies give to national talent and the work culture at CISCO. “When I finished my course, I was interested in working at Cisco. If this partnership existed by that time it would have been very helpful to me” said Fábio Gameiro, encouraging students to seize this opportunity.