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Electrical and Computer Engineering student wins BCG Merit Award 2019/2020

Rui Daniel won the BCG Merit Award and six students won honourable mentions for their outstanding academic achievements.

Rui Daniel, Electrical and Computer Engineering student, won the BCG Best in Class Award that rewards the best student of Management curricular unit. The award ceremony took place online last Friday, 27th November. Six honourable mentions were delivered to six students for their outstanding academic achievements in this curricular unit.

“These awards are extremely important because they recognise the merit and effort of students during an entire semester and also because they recognise and encourage talent and the search for good results”, said the Vice-president of Técnico for Operations and Enterprise Relationships, professor Pedro Amaral. The vice-president also stressed the importance of Management curricular unit for future engineers. “Everyone knows that engineers end up being good managers, but only if they know very well the tools at their disposal”, he added. Professor Pedro Amaral took the opportunity to thank BCG for their support and consolidated partnership.

Isabel Reis, Partner at BCG and responsible for BCG’s recruitment area, highlighted “we feel privileged to partner with Técnico. I hope this partnership will continue for many years”. The partner at BCG congratulated the awarded students and shared “engineers who become consultants turn out to be excellent professionals”. “BCG is still hiring at and we have ambitious goals. Our company continues to grow, so the closer we get to Técnico and to you the better it is for us”.

Professor João Oliveira Soares, responsible for the Management curricular unit, praised the way students and professors adapted to the new and different circumstances caused by the pandemic and shared “once some students were tied, we decided that the tie break would be based on students academic achievements in all curricular units until the jury decision”, said the DEG professor. “We hope you have enjoyed Management, although it is not the real core of your courses. I think it is an area that will be very useful to you in the future”, he added.

Rui Daniel was distinguished with a €1,300 cash prize. “I would like to thank BCG for this award. It stimulates and motivates us throughout the semester to work more and better. I would also like to thank all professors of management curricular unit for their effort”.

Six honourable mentions were delivered to Técnico students: Inês Quinteiro de Sá (Biomedical Engineering), João Ferreira (Aerospace Engineering), Mariana Albino (Biological Engineering), Mariana Nunes (Biomedical Engineering), Tiago Guerreiro (Aerospace Engineering) and Miguel Martinho (Mechanical Engineering).

BCG also awarded a €887 cash prize to DEG to help improving teaching and learning conditions.