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Engineering Physics student wins McKinsey Merit Award

The Técnio student Carolina Figueiredo had the higher grade in the curricular unit Complex Analysis and Differential Equations, in the 1st semester of 2018/2019 academic year.

This Wednesday, March 13th, Carolina Figueiredo, Engineering Physics student, received the McKinsey Merit Award in Complex Analysis and Differential Equations.

Francisco Marques, Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company, delivered the award to the student amounting to €1,290€. “Técnico is a school of really talented students”, he said. “We wanted to create an award as comprehensive as possible”. “We are looking for people who combine common sense with intelligence. This is why we have so much interest in hiring Técnico students”, he added.

Professor Luís Caldas de Oliveira, Vice-president of IST for Entrepreneurship and Corporate Relations, highlighted the importance of this curricular unit in structuring students’ thought: “Curricular units like Complex Analysis and Differential Equations allow students to develop skills that make Técnico students different from others”.

At the end of the event, the award winner was visibly happy and shared that “winning an award is never easy. It results from a lot of work”. Carolina Figueiredo also stressed the importance of the “mutual help among the classmates”. “It is great that companies value our effort and recognize our value,” said the Engineering Physics student.

McKinsey & Company also awarded a monetary donation to the Department of Mathematics to improve teaching quality, so that all students enrolled in this curricular unit can benefit from this support.