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Chemical Engineering student wins the Bondalti / Amélia de Mello Foundation Merit Award

Carolina Lebre Branco is the winner of the Merit Award given by Bondalti/Amélia de Mello Foundation to the best student in General Chemistry.

Carolina Lebre Branco, 2nd year student, got the highest grade in General Chemistry course unit (UC), which has earned her the “Bondalti /Amélia de Mello Foundation Merit Award in General Chemistry”.

“Although it has been a very difficult year, which has forced us to make great adaptations, I was able to achieve my goals”, said Carolina Lebre Branco, who stressed that she has worked for her own benefit and not to win the award, of which she was completely unaware. The Técnico student took the opportunity to thank the award that amounts to €1290.

The award ceremony took place this Friday, October 15, and was attended by the President of Técnico, professor Rogério Colaço, the Vice president of Técnico for for Operations and Enterprise Relationships, professor Pedro Amaral, the Secretary General of the Amélia de Melo Foundation (FAM), Dr. Jorge Quintas, the Executive Director of Bondalti, Dr. André de Albuquerque, and members of the Department of Chemical Engineering (DEQ).

“These awards motivate students”, said the President of Técnico. “We look forward to further strengthening these types of partnerships with companies”, he added.

According to Dr. Alfredo Albuquerque, “this award recognizes excellence, which is something that Bondalti aims to achieve every day, in the most varied aspects of its activity. Excellence allows us to act responsibly, to work for the future, and also to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development goals”.

This award recognizes the excellence of a school and its students, who are very committed and hardworking”, said the Secretary General of the FAM. “Living without Chemistry is impossible. Chemistry is the key to the solution when we talk about sustainability, agriculture, etc.”, he stressed.

This award also includes a donation of €860 to DEQ. Professor Teresa Duarte, Head of DEQ, thanked Bondalti and FAM for the award and highlighted the importance of Chemistry. “When people talk about Chemistry, they think that there is good and bad Chemistry, but we, chemists, can only see good Chemistry, because we are always thinking about its application in the circular economy, sustainability, etc.”.