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Eleven students get E.A.S.S scholarships

Four new scholarship holders will get financial support under the collaboration with SINDCOM.

Besides the seven students already awarded with E.A.S.S. Scholarships, four more students were awarded this Tuesday, December 5. The ceremony was attended by members of SINDCOM – Sociedade de Investimentos na Indústria e Comércio who had the opportunity to meet the four new scholarship holders.

Professor Fátima Montemor, Vice-president of Técnico for Academic Affairs expressed gratitude for “the very important support of these scholarships for the second consecutive time, which have a huge impact in our students’ lives, motivating them to proceed their studies”, she underlined.

Dr. Inês Canas Simões, executive member at SINDCOM, expressed her satisfaction about the collaboration with Técnico. These scholarships support the various education costs, including tuition and fees: “We are very pleased with this scholarship programme that encourage and support young people”. “From now on, you don’t need to worry, because if you fulfill all the requirements the scholarship will be automatically renewed until the last day of your course”.

Visibly happy, the new scholarship holders Diogo Augusto, Raquel Santos, Lourenço Tourais and Francisco Oliveira, consider this support very important: “I feel privileged to get this scholarship because many students have applied and did not get it. This will certainly motivate me to achieve success in my academic life”, said Lourenço Tourais, MsC student in Electrical and Computer Engineering. “Besides helping us, it will encourage us to achieve outstanding results, so that the duration of scholarships can be extend”, added Raquel Santos, BSc student in Information Systems and Computer Engineering.

The scholarships of João Azevedo, Fernando Loureiro, Miguel Gonçalves, Gabriel Vieira, Daniela Oliveira, Stefan Grguric and Joaquim Manuel Quadrado were automatically renewed although they were not present at the ceremony.