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Enthusiastic students at Physics Week

More than 2600 students from different schools will have the opportunity to participate in several activities organised by NFIST.

The 21st edition of Physics Week started this Monday, February 19, at the main building’s hall. Young students from basic and secondary school will have the opportunity to visit the exhibitions and participate in the activities.

This year’s edition is organised by NFIST – Physics Student Group and is focused on black holes. More than 2600 students from different schools are expected to attend this event. The success of Physics Week results from careful planning, so that scientific demonstrations are accessible to all people, “from 4 to 80 years old”, promoting the scientific education in Portugal. Mariana Silva, member of the organising team and main responsible for the activities explains that the major goal is “to demystify the idea about Physics”.

Faraday’s laws of induction, Einstein’s relativity, wave behaviour in Rubens’ tube, how fiber optics work, plasma, fluids, waves and acoustics are explained in a very simple way. “We feel that students are having a great time”, says Mariana Silva. “The Physics Week is very important for us because we contact with students and show them our work, physics and Técnico; and it’s also very important for students because it helps them to have a more intuitive notion of what they have already learnt”, explained Daniela.

The last day of the event, February 24, will include an open day and a lecture delivered by professor José Sande Lemos.