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Fun and Engineering go hand in hand

“The challenges of Engineering” is an event that results from a long-term partnership between Loures City Hall and Técnico, involving participants of all ages.

The event “The challenges of Engineering” took place this Tuesday, April 30th, at CTN campus, and brought together 40 students from Loures Senior University – “Academia dos Saberes”.

The participants had the opportunity to visit the laboratories and carry out several activities organised by NFIST and NAPE. According to professor Palmira Silva, Vice-president of IST for Marketing and Communication “this event is the result of a fruitful partnership between Técnico and Loures City Hall, which has allowed to create a strong direct relationship with local civil society”. Gonçalo Caroço, Loures City Hall Councillor, stressed the importance of this “fruitful partnership” between Loures municipality and Técnico, which has been consolidating over the years.

The faces of participants at the end of the day showed satisfaction with this initiative. “These events are very important because we learn a lot”, said Florinda Santos. “This is an unique opportunity of learning more and a chance to meet new people”, said Alberto Martins and his wife Anizabel Martins. “It was all very interesting and everyone was extremely thoughtful. It was also an opportunity to visit this beautiful campus”, he added.

This Thursday, May 2nd, the activities will be addressed to 3rd cycle students from Loures municipality.