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“Having the best faculty members make a difference”

This Monday, 28th October, researchers and professors took office in the new career categories. The event was attended by the President of Técnico, professor Rogério Colaço, the Vice-president of the Scientific Council, professor Rodrigo Rodrigues, the Vice-president for Administrative Management, professor Helena Ramos and Heads of Departments.

“I am very happy because this week Técnico welcomes the best students, and today I sign a contract with 34 top Portuguese professors. I am extremely proud of these two things”, said the President of Técnico, professor Rogério Colaço. “The high quality of our students shows the trust that society, the country, and families have in Técnico, which makes us proud but it is also a great responsibility for all of us. Having the best faculty members make a difference and gives me the guarantee that we will be up to the challenge once more”, he stressed.

Department of Bioengineering (DBE) – Associate professors: Leonilde de Fátima Morais Moreira; Patrícia Figueiredo and Rodrigo da Silva Costa.

Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Georesources – Associate professors: José Manuel Marques and Manuel Duarte.

Department of Nuclear Sciences and Engineering (DECN) Principal researchers: professor Susana Almeida and Paula Paquete.

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (DEEC) – Associate professor: Sónia Ferreira Pinto.

Department of Computer Science and Engineering (DEI) – Associate professors: Pedro Adão and Pedro Monteiro.

Department of Chemical Engineering (DEQ) – Associate professors: Eduardo Filipe, Herminio Diogo, Maria Amélia Almeida, Maria Fernanda Carvalho, Maria Joana Correia and Vítor Fernandes.

Department of Physics (DF) – Associate professors: José Figueirinhas, Luís Viseu Melo and Pedro Abreu.

Department of Mathematics (DM) – Associate professors: João Rasga, José Matias, Maria Cristina Câmara and Pedro Ferreira dos Santos.

Dr Isabel Dias (DECN) took office as coordinator researcher. The new Full Professors are: Fernando Pereira (DEEC), Paulo Ramalho Oliveira (DEEC/ DEM), José Rui Figueira (Departamento de Engenharia e Gestão- DEG), Mónica Oliveira (DEG), José Luís Borbinha (DEI), Isabel Ferreira(DEQ), Carlos Alves(DM).