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Information session helps to clarify doubts about the new teaching model and pedagogical practices

The active participation of students proved the importance of this information session and allowed students to clarify the doubts on this topic.

The students’ representatives of Pedagogical Council (CP) organised an information session last Monday, 1st July, to disseminate the changes that are about to take place in the school after the implementation of the new teaching model and pedagogical practices for 2021/22.

Francisca Simões, student vice president of CP, explained the work carried out by CAMEPP, as well as the twelve key points on which is based the new teaching model. Margarida Rodrigues and Pedro Ramos, student members of CP’s Executive Committee highlighted the main changes that will occur concerning class scheduling and course structure.

The extra-curricular activities accreditation, the transition between the current and new teaching model and the role of doctoral students as new teaching actors, were some of the topics addressed. At the end, professor António Rodrigues, vice-president CP, clarified some doubts.

The members of CP stressed the importance of students’ participation in this process, as they will be the main target and the key elements of this change.

According to Margarida Rodrigues, “In general, students show some concern, which is linked, of course, to any change”. Still, she shares “students are quite interested about the changes that are about to take place at Técnico and recognise its importance”.

Information about the new teaching model and teaching methods is available at CP website.