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InnoEnergy’s Masters Programmes attract Técnico students

InnoEnergy Masters Open Day was held at the main building’s lobby, aiming to promote and to raise students’ awareness of International Master’s programmes in Energy.

One year ago, Rafael Matias, a Mechanical Engineering student at Instituto Superior Técnico, attended InnoEnergy Masters Open Day. “I was finishing my course and I didn’t know what was coming next”, he says. After attending the event he “kept thinking of it”. One year later he is one of the collaborators at the Open Day, which promotes InnoEnergy’s masters programes. According to Rafael, “the idea of being able to learn more, to improve extracurricular activities, to collaborate with several companies, to be aware of what the market is expecting from students and, in the end, get an improved curriculum, makes me enthusiastic every week”.

InnoEnergy Masters Open Day, an annual event organised by Técnico in partnership with InnoEnergy Master’s School, took place this Thursday at the main building’s lobby. This event aims to promote the seven Master’s Programmes of InnoEnergy Master’s School. The 2-year curricular plan will be running into two universities and, simultaneously, into two different countries, ensuring a double degree.

Andreia Fernandes, responsible for the Programme, highlights that “the fact that these master’s programmes combine engineering and management” is one of the main advantages. “The participation of industry, which allows the integration of students into companies, the constant challenges, namely in the field of entrepreneurship, the multiculturalism and the community spirit make it an excellent programme, thus training students to become the engineers that we need”, she says.

The role of Técnico, “a partner for a long time” is of great importance. “When it comes to welcoming and helping international students, Técnico makes a difference”, said Andreia Fernandes.

Hundreds of students visited the event and clarified their doubts with InnoEnergy collaborators, most of them current master students, who also shared academic and professional experiences. “We must thank Técnico for providing us with such opportunities. It’s great to be here, I recommend this experience”, said Rafael.