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International students “warmly” welcomed in virtual ceremony

This semester, more than 280 international students chose Técnico to complete a period of studies under various international mobility programmes and European programmes.

Técnico welcomed the new international students in a virtual ceremony, this Friday, February 26. The students had the opportunity to learn more about the school, support services and important information about the next coming months.

The vice-president of Técnico for Research and International Affairs, professor Fátima Montemor, “warmly welcomed” the international students.

“Welcome to Técnico, the best and most prestigious engineering school in Portugal, and one of the best in Europe”. Professor Fátima Montemor shared “I hope you will soon be able to feel the warm spirit of Lisbon, and enjoy life on Técnico campuses. Técnico was created with the ambition of training the best engineers and we are very proud to be fulfilling this mission”. The vice-president also talked about some international rankings, highlighted Técnico graduates high employment rates, and outlined Técnico’s academic programmes, partnerships, mobility programmes and main research areas.

Professor Fátima Montemor did not hide the fact that Técnico courses are very demanding and advised students to stay focused on their goals. The professor also stressed that it will all be worth it in the end. “In the end you will be satisfied and fulfilled for having managed to accomplish this challenging and demanding journey” she said”. I hope to see you soon here on campus”, she added.

The Mobility and International Cooperation Office (NMCI) and the Student Support Unit (NAPE) added some important information about Técnico activities and support services. The students were then separated into groups to private Zoom rooms, to meet the Mobility Coordinators and to clarify their doubts.

This welcome ceremony is the highlight of the Orientation Week. However, during the week, NAPE and NMCI provided support to students via Zoom meetings, where they had the opportunity to meet their mentors and some fellow students. The Orientation Week runs until Sunday, February 28.

Técnico welcomed 286 international students, 47 of which come from international mobility programmes outside Europe ( Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, India, Mexico and Uruguay) and 239 come from European mobility programes (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweeden and Switzerland).