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IST Press publishes the 2nd Edition of the book “Exercícios de Química Orgânica”

IST Press published the 2nd Edition of the book “Exercícios de Química Orgânica”, by Pedro Paulo Santos, Dulce Simão and João Paulo Telo.

This book is intended for university students. It is expected that this exercise book can make the study of Organic Chemistry easier and that the consolidation of knowledge can contribute positively to academic activity and professional careers.

The book aims to complement the textbooks “Química Orgânica. Volume 1 | Volume 2 ”, by Pedro Paulo Santos, published by IST Press, and contains about 1000 practical exercises to apply the theoretical contents included in these two volumes.

Standard exercises are included in each chapter, as well as solved exercises. Several exercises are proposed in order to test students’ knowledge and understanding. Shortened solutions of exercises are included at the end of the book.

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