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IST Press publishes the book “Sensores e Atuadores”

IST Press published the book “Sensores e Atuadores” (“Sensors and Actuators) by Francisco A. C. Alegria.

Humans are surrounded by technology. We use technology in our everyday lives: in our homes and cars, in the workplace and in moments of fun. Actuators and sensors are devices that enable the interaction between these systems and the physical world.

This book explains the operation of numerous devices of this type, based on the physical or chemical principle used, representing a different approach from other books on this topic. The book is illustrated with pictures on how these devices should be used, which types are suitable for each application and what are the particularities and vicissitudes of each model.

In addition to the practical examples, the book also includes several exercises are proposed to be solved.

The book is aimed at university students who want to take training in electrical and electronic engineering.

The book is available at IST Press online store. The book will soon be available through libraries Almedina, Bertrand, Fnac and Wook, among others.