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“ISTO É Técnico” – Virtual events for Técnico candidates (2020 -1st edition)

As part of the celebrations of the 109th anniversary of Instituto Superior Técnico, the Student Support Unit (NAPE) will organise a set of virtual events – “ISTO É Técnico” – aimed at secondary school students, potential candidates for higher education, intending to enter Técnico.

ISTO É Técnico – From 11th May to 5th June 2020, students, professors, researchers, staff and alumni will tell first-hand what is like to study at Técnico, the activities developed and their career paths.

Prior registration is required, namely for:

• Daily video conferences, from 17:00 to 18:00, during which participants will have the opportunity to “Enter” Técnico, see and hear what we have prepared and talk with us for an hour. Students, professors, members of student groups, Técnico Ambassadors and NAPE students will talk about their courses, share experiences and answer to questions.

• Talks on Wednesdays with prominent guests, such as professors, alumni and staff, who will address a wide range of topics related to Técnico: internationalisation, how to become a CEO, etc.

• Opening session on 11th May. The session will be attended by the Rector of Universidade de Lisboa, professor António Cruz Serra, and the President of Instituto Superior Técnico, professor Rogério Colaço. Closing session on 5th June.

At this critical time, NAPE is adjusting several dissemination actions in order to reach all students who want to study at Técnico. “ISTO É” was created in this context and includes ISTO É Técnico, a Podcast and ISTO É Conversa, aiming to provide information on academic offer and extracurricular activities at Técnico.

Podcast ISTO É – several topics related to Técnico will be addressed by students, professors and researchers. The Podcast is available on Youtube, Spotify and Instagram TV. Two Podcast episodes will be released weekly.

ISTO É Conversa – Online sessions, using Zoom video conferencing, on working days (10:00-17:00), will provide personalised assistance to small groups or individually.  To this end, and in order to provide targeted support, students must submit this form.

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