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JEEC enliven Técnico

Técnico students were captivated by the various attractions and topics included in this year’s edition.

The Electrical and Computer Engineering Seminar Series (JEEC) captivated partners from Técnico and from abroad. The Institute for Systems and Robotics (ISR) and Formula Student Lisboa (FST) were some of the participants in this year’s edition. “We strive to be the second best seminar series at Técnico”, says António Farracho, coordinator of JEEC.

JEEC started on March 5 and will end today, March 9. Unilever, Vodafone, BNP Paribas and Bosch were some of the 40 companies that participated in the event. “We try to bring different companies every day to make students return here”, says António Farracho.

Several lectures are held at salão nobre, covering a wide range of topics: electrical and computer engineering, career opportunities and entrepreneurship. Also workshops and matchmaking daily sessions are included in the programme. “In these sessions students have the opportunity to contact with companies and, in some cases, they can find job opportunities. At the same time, companies make themselves known to students”, says the coordinator of JEEC.

John Viega, Executive Vice President of Products, Strategy & Services at SilverSky, Alex Schwartz, CEO at Owlchemy Labs and Patrick van der Smagt, director of the open-source Volkswagen Group AI Research Lab, were some of the guest speakers. Several Técnico alumnus attended the event. Diogo Pires, Head of Blockchain Team at Aptoide, spoke about AppCoins’ success, the evolution of Aptoide and the advantages of Blockchain. “Aptoide is an alternative marketplace for mobile applications”, he stressed.

“More than 400 people come to salão nobre daily, so I think this number shows the success of this year’s edition”, says António Farracho. JEEC end this Friday, March 9, and the day will be focused on entrepreneurship. Several successful startups will participate in the last day, such as Unbabel, Unono, Codacy and Picma.