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José Neves Foundation will award scholarships to Técnico students

Técnico is a partner institutions of ISA FJN programme that aims to support national talent.


Técnico is one of 22 higher education institutions chosen by José Neves Foundation (FJN) to be a partner of ISA FJN programme. Based on the Income Share Agreement model, this programme will allow students to benefit from a loan to pay their tuition fees. The scholarship is refundable; after the student is employed, a percentage of the salary is paid, but only above a pre-defined minimum income. This return will then be reinvested to help more students access the programme.

It is estimated that, in the next two years, ISA FJN will support 1,500 students. This programme is aimed at people of all ages, professional situation and backgrounds, wishing to improve or update their skills through courses or trainings lasting up to 24 months: master’s students, bootcamps, postgraduate courses and professional training. In the initial phase, more than 100 courses are available, including the following Técnico MSc courses.


The list of courses and partner institutions is based on areas considered crucial to the jobs of the future: science, technology, engineering, economics and management, mathematics, design, social sciences, among others.

“Pay nothing until you make it” is the motto of ISA FJN. The online application process is very simple. More information available on FJN website.