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JUNITEC stands out at Hacking Health

Junitec was the only university team distinguished at Glintt health hackathon.

Glintt challenged students and workers to think and create health technology solutions. The JUNITEC team, composed of Técnico students Francisco Serralheiro, Gonçalo Chambel and Eduarda Vaz, was one of the winning teams of the competition held on 12th October. The team won an honourable mention and a €1000 money prize.

The JUNITEC team developed EVA, an Oracle Chabot that assists healthcare professionals in solving day-to-day digital problems in order to optimize patient time and healthcare. “EVA is a personal digital assistant who assists any healthcare professional who interacts with technology devices within a hospital, whether software or clinical equipment”, explains Eduarda Vaz on behalf of the team. In addition, the virtual digital assistant “optimizes the process of responding to any problem of healthcare providers”, adds Eduarda. The team intends to create a dashboard from the data collected by this Chatbot.

“We decided to participate in this competition because we liked the idea of solving a real health problem and contribute to improve the access to health care, in a more efficiently way and with higher quality”, explains the Técnico student. “The opportunity to make direct contact with Glintt and with cutting-edge technologies like Microsoft, Oracle and OutSystems” was also a motivation for Técnico students.

Glintt employees and university students was the target audience of this 1st Hacking Health. In total, 22 teams and more than 80 participants competed over 13 hours. The idea of creating EVA came up due to “major computer problems at Portuguese hospitals”, says Eduarda Vaz.

According to Eduarda Vaz, winning this competition shows “the great potential of our project”. “We do not exclude the possibility of creating a startup in order to make our idea come true and improve the healthcare system”, she adds. “This 4th victory confirms that the entrepreneurial spirit and the skills acquired at JUNITEC are very important in the business world and prepare us to develop solutions to real problems”, she stressed.