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Mathematics winter school focused on quantum cryptography

The Department of Mathematics is organising, since last Tuesday, several activities for higher education students who want to further explore the different fields of mathematics.

This Wednesday, February 7, professor Paulo Mateus, from the Department of Mathematics, delivered a lecture on quantum cryptography and captivated the attention of about 40 students.

Professor Paulo Mateus spoke about Shor’s algorithm and the various challenges that modern cryptography presents to each of us, either through ID card digital signatures or Bitcoin transactions. The two solutions for this problem – post-quantum cryptography and quantum cryptography – were also addressed in this lecture.

Carlos Carteiro and Leila Suleman, 2nd year students of LMAC – Applied Mathematics and Computation, decided to attend winter school to deepen their knowledge. “The lectures are very interesting and allow us to learn more about some specific areas of our course that we have not yet addressed ”, says Carlos. “This will help us to decide what we want to do next”, he noted.

Relativity and geometry, singular value decomposition, integral equations and their applications to certain problems in mechanics are some of the topics that will be addressed in the mini courses, to be held until Friday, February 8. The diverse audience, composed of higher education students, can deepen mathematical concepts and understand the link between research and the real world, through the sharing of experiences of professors, researchers and former students.