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“Mind For Lean” team wins Navigator Merit Award

The “Mind for Lean” team, composed of Técnico students Cristiano Silva, João Encarnação, Pedro Ramalho, Rúben Ezequiel and Samuel Magalhães, won The Navigator Merit Award in Management Production, which rewards the best team in Management Production curricular unit of Integrated MSc in Mechanical Engineering. The final Pitch and the award ceremony took place virtually this Monday, 9th November. The winning team won a €1,750 cash prize.

“We follow these projects very carefully because many of them are of enormous importance and have great applicability to our activities”, said the Executive Director at The Navigator Company, engineer Adriano Silveira. “The relationship between Navigator and Universities has been a constant priority. We have no doubt that Research and Development are crucial for Navigator’s development and grow as a company”, stressed engineer Adriano Silveira.

Paulo Peças, professor of Management Production curricular unit and member of the jury, thanked Navigator and highlighted “this award contributes to improve the performance and the academic achievements of our students. These projects strengthen students’ commitment, which ends up benefiting students’ learning. The support and the interest of industrial companies it’s very important”.

“I am sure that your ideas will be implemented, which means that this was not just a simulation, and that some of your suggestions will definitely be implemented, because they are effective,” said engineer Bruno Inácio, Navigator representative and member of the jury. “Keep asking why. Don’t accept things as they are just because it is supposed to. I am sure that you will reap great benefits by doing this”, he advised.

João Encarnação, member of the winning team shared his surprise: “We did not expect to win this award, although our team did its best. I am sure that all groups did it too”.

The Navigator Company also awarded a €1,167 donation to the Department of Mechanical Engineering (DEM) to improve teaching quality. “I want to thank Navigator for this partnership, which I hope will continue in the future. I think it’s very interesting and important for the School and our students”, said professor Carlos Bettencourt da Silva, vice president of DEM.

The vice-president of Técnico for Operations and Enterprise Relationships, professor Pedro Amaral, spoke on behalf of Técnico president, who attended some of students’ presentations, but was unable to remain until the end of the session. The professor congratulated all students involved and highlighted the importance of businesses and universities working together. A special word of thanks was addressed to DEM and to the Technology Transfer Area, which coordinates the Técnico Partner Network. “We are very proud to partner with Navigator and we are committed to help the company meet the challenges of the coming years “, said professor Pedro Amaral.