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New Students – Registration (3rd National Call)

Registration takes place from 17th October to 20th October.

The registration process takes place online and is followed by several tasks and configurations that each student must complete.


The registration process of students admitted on the 3rd Call of the National Admission to Higher Education will take place online, through Connect platform, from 17th October (from 9 a.m.) to 20th October (until 5 p.m.).

It is advised that students who have not yet signed in the platform validate their identity, preferably using the Digital Mobile Key associated to the Citizen’s Card, so that the registration can be done in a simpler and more autonomous way. The Digital Mobile Key can be requested at Autenticação.Gov.


Once the registration is concluded, students may look for the support services at the campus where their study programme is taught, to receive guidance on their first steps at Técnico, ask for a Mentor, receive the Student’s Guide and do a quick campus visit.

First steps at Técnico