The registration process formalises the admission of students to Técnico and, if it is not carried out, it will result in the loss of the place.

1. Signing in

The creation of a profile on the Connect platform should be done using a personal email or a Google account, as soon as possible, and can be done before the registration period.

Students who have applied to Técnico via Connect platform already are signed in and, therefore, must use the same login credentials to complete their registration.

Note: authentication with personal e-mail also uses validation with telephone number. The codes for validation may take some time to be received.

Sign in

2. Identity Validation

After confirming the registration, students must validate their identity (if it is the first time they register on the platform) in one of the following ways:

  • Citizen Card: with card reader, authentication pin and address pin;
  • Digital Mobile Key: it must be requested online, in advance, on Citizen’s Card website.

In case of unsuccessful identity  validation with the previous steps, the following are made available:

  • DGES Activation Key: students who applied to the National Call must fill in with the same personal data used in their application and enter the code sent by email, by DGES;
  • Validation by photo via webcam or scheduling a video call, if the previous steps have not been sufficient.

It may be necessary to fill in personal data, if you do not use the Citizen Card or the Digital Mobile Key.

3. Boarding activities

Once the identity validation is concluded, students must do their registration, starting in the menu Placements.

During registration, missing personal data must be filled and, in the end, each student must acknowledge the University’s Behaviour Code.

Once you have completed boarding, information about the scheduling of your campus visit will appear and an email notification will be sent to you.

3. Pending Tasks

The registration is completed after filling in personal data. The student number and the digital identity (Técnico ID) are assigned. Now, it is necessary to complete the following procedures:

  • fill in the student’s profile survey;
  • create the password associated to Técnico ID account;
  • create the Técnico email address;
  • request the student identity cards.

4. Presenting Documentation

  • Students Changing Course, Aged over 23, Holders of Middle Level/Higher Education Courses and Master Degree Students: The registration process is only concluded after the presentation of the original documents, submitted in the application, to the Graduate Area (Alameda) or Academic Area (Taguspark). Students coming from Técnico study programmes have the documentation in their files, so it is not necessary to perform this step.
  • Mobility Students: those who need a signature on documents proving the date of arrival at Técnico should contact the Mobility and International Cooperation Office.
  • International Students: should contact the Admissions Office, which will then schedule the presentation of the original documents, submitted in the National Call, to the Graduate Area (Alameda) or Academic Area (Taguspark).

Practical Information

  1. Readmission

    Failure to enrol in curricular units in two consecutive semesters will result in the expiration of enrolment as a Técnico student, and the registration will be considered abandoned.

    1st study cycle

    1st cycle students (and Integrated Master’s students in Architecture) who have interrupted their studies, may re-register at Técnico, in the same study programmes they were attending at the time of the interruption (or in a study programme that has succeeded it), if it is still available. The process is carried out on the Connect platform.

    2nd study cycle

    • Students admitted to Técnico until the 2020/21 academic year (inclusive): may be readmitted to the same study programme they were attending at the time of the interruption, if it is still available, during the transition period (until 2025/26), resulting from the implementation of the new teaching model (Decree-Law no. 65/2018). The process is carried out on the Connect platform.
    • Students admitted to Técnico from 2021/22: cannot be readmitted in a 2nd cycle programme without re-applying.
  2. Credit Transfer

    Students admitted through Change of Course/Institution, special call for access to 1st cycle or readmitted students, should request a credit transfer, in order to draw up an equivalence plan of the curricular units taken. Credit transfer requests are mandatory for students who have asked for readmission.

    Credits can be awarded separately by curricular unit, or in groups of curricular units (in block), as follows:

    • Substitution (with grade – to be included in the course final grade);
    • Credit exemption (without grade – not to be included in the course final grade, considered only for the course conclusion).

    It is not possible to obtain equivalence for the Dissertation curricular unit (2nd cycle), except in some cases of double degree students or readmitted students covered by the transition period.


    • The credit transfer must be requested right after and within 30 days from the registration process.
    • The analysis of the credit transfer request takes at least 30 days. When the process is completed a notification is sent to each student by email.

    Required documents:

    • Students coming from other institutions must submit the application form indicated below and present the following documents, validated by the home institution, in the Graduate Area (Alameda) or Academic Area (Taguspark):
      • Transcript of Records (which includes the grades of each curricular unit taken);
      • Curricular unit contents;
      • Curricular units credit hours;
      • Request form below.
    • Técnico students only need to use the form below to submit the request.

    The credit transfer request implies the payment of an academic emolument, as defined in the Academic Emoluments Table of Técnico.

  3. Changes to the Learning Agreement

    Mobility students who need to change curricular units in their Learning Agreement will only be able to do that upon arrival, using a specific form provided by the Mobility and International Cooperation Office, which must be signed by the respective Mobility Coordinator at Técnico.

    • Deadline: first two weeks of the semester, after the beginning of classes.
    • Maximum number of ECTS credits: 36 ECTS per semester.

    Students will meet their Mobility Coordinator after the Welcome Session.

  4. Cancellation of Registration

    First-year students (1st time) can request the cancellation of registration until 31 October, in the Graduate Area (Alameda) or Academic Area (Taguspark).

    It is not necessary to pay the tuition fee, academic fee and insurance. If the payment has already been made, students must request a refund using the same form.

  5. Student Card

    Técnico Card

    Técnico card identifies the holder as a member of the Técnico community and gives access to printing services, buildings, parking spaces, among other services.

    The Técnico card can be requested through Fénix, in the menu Personal > Técnico Card (or on Connect platform).

    Once the card is issued, students must collect it at the respective campus:

    • Alameda campus: Santander branch (Main building), 8:30 – 13:00
    • Taguspark campus: room 1.55 – Academic Area, 10:00 – 12:00 and 14:00 – 16:00.

    The Técnico card is issued by Santander Bank (the subscription of any banking service and/or opening of bank account is strictly optional).

    Request Card

    ULisboa Card

    The ULisboa Card gives access to the ULisboa Canteens and is issued by Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD).

    Students who want to associate a bank account to the ULisboa Card, will receive it by post. Otherwise, students can collect their cards during the Welcome Week, or in a CGD branch.

    To open bank accounts with Santander or Caixa Geral de Depósitos, students must provide their personal data on the Connect platform under Manage data access authorizationMinors shall be accompanied by a parent or a guardian.

  6. Enrolment and Timetable

    Each student (except those admitted through the National Call) must enrol in the curricular units of the semester, and book classes/shifts.

    A few days after the registration in the curricular units is completed, each student will have access to a digital registration and enrolment statement.


    Students admitted through the National Call

    These are automatically and randomly placed in the classes/shifts of the respective study programmes. Requests to change classes/shifts will not be accepted. The Fénix system does not accept re-enrolment in classes/shifts if the student removes a shift from the timetable.

  7. Tuition Fees, Academic Fees and Insurance

    The payment of the tuition fee, insurance and academic fee should be made after registration and enrolment in the curricular units, according to the different types of payment, and within the deadlines established in the Fénix system.

    The amount and the payment references (ATM/ Online Banking) are made available in Fénix, a couple of weeks after the enrolment.

    More information

  8. Scholarships and Support


    For students who have applied for a Social Action Scholarship, the payment of the tuition fees will only take place after the scholarship application is approved. An additional time of 15 working days is granted to regularise the situation.

    In order to ensure that no student is excluded from university studies due to financial reasons, Técnico has created a Scholarship Programme for low‑income students who are not eligible for a Social Action scholarship awarded by Universidade de Lisboa.


    Student Support

    Técnico offers several programmes to support students, in order to improve their academic performance and quality of learning.


Welcome Activities

At the beginning of the academic year, during the Welcome Week, Técnico organises a series of activities to welcome the new students (1st and 2nd cycle).  The 3rd cycle students are welcomed later, at the PhD Open Days.

Students who do not attend the Welcome Week should contact the student support services in person:

Alameda campus Taguspark campus

Welcome Activities Programme

  • 1st Semester: September 12 to 16, 2022
  • 2nd Semester: to be announced in February, 2023 (for mobility students)

1. Meet your Mentor

On the first day, the 1st and 2nd cycle students meet their Mentors, who will guide them in their first steps and throughout the year.

2. Campus Visit

During the campus visit, the new students will have the opportunity to discover the campus with their Mentor and to find out more about Técnico, namely, the Students’ Union, where students can buy the New Student Kits, the Student Groups, the Student Support, the Técnico bank partner (Santander) and the ULisboa bank partner (Caixa Geral de Depósitos), where students can open a student bank account.

3. Welcome Sessions and Course Presentations

The Governing Bodies and the Students’ Union welcome the students on behalf of the Técnico community, followed by a presentation session of the course by the Course Coordinators, which may include students from the Student Groups, Delegates and Tutors.

4. Meet your Tutor

The Tutor is a professor of the same course as the student, who will support student’s learning in a more personalised way throughout the year. Their assignment is automatic after registration in the 1st cycle and it is communicated to students via SMS with indications for the first meeting.

5. Cultural Activities

  • All 1st cycle students and Portuguese 2nd cycle students: At the end of the Welcome Week,  the new students and mentors are invited to participate in challenges to meet the new colleagues and the city. Students interested should contact the Mentor or the Student Support Unit.
  • Mobility students and International 2nd cycle students: The Orientation Week takes place on the weekend before the start of classes each semester. It is an excellent opportunity to get to know the campus, the city of Lisbon, the culture and the Portuguese gastronomy.