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Nuno Maulide authors a book that demystifies Chemistry

The Técnico alumnus presented his book this Friday, at Alameda campus.


“Como Se Transforma Ar em Pão” (“How to Turn Air into Bread?”) is part of the title of a book by Nuno Maulide, a Técnico alumnus whose science communication skills have been recognised and awarded. Nuno Maulide teamed up with Tanja Traxler- co-author of the book – and they authored a book that helps the reader to better understand Chemistry – “Chemistry is a science about ourselves and the universe around us”. The book launch session took place this Friday, 10th September, at Técnico -Alameda campus, in Abreu Faro amphitheatre.

Andreia Rasga, the book’s editor, said “we are very proud to launch Nuno Maulide’ s book in Portugal, at Técnico, where he took his first steps in Chemistry”. “Chemistry becomes part of everyday life through Nuno’s voice”, she added.

The book was presented by Matilde Marques, professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering (DEQ), researcher at Centro de Química Estrutural (CQE) and Vice-president of the Scientific Council (CC). “It’s a pleasure to read this book”, she said. Professor Matilde Marques took the opportunity to announce that Nuno Maulide will become a Visiting Full Professor at Técnico.

“I hope that this book reaches people and that it may be useful in their daily lives. Chemistry is not something to be afraid of”, said the Técnico alumnus.

The book ” Como Se Transforma Ar em Pão: Estas e Outras Questões a Que só a Química Sabe Responder” is available at Portuguese bookstores.