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ObservIST – 4th call

The ObservIST, Observatory of Good Practices of IST, will launch its 4th call for good practices in January 2019.

The IST Best Practices Observatory – ObservIST, is a project that results from the line of action “Identify, consolidate and disseminate institutional best practices” set out in the focus area “Processes and Quality” of IST Strategic Plan.

The ObservIST aims to identify, consolidate and disseminate internal processes that constitute Best Practices, which contribute decisively and efficiently to reinforce the strategic areas defined by IST, while enhancing and replicating them to pursue institutional improvement on a continuous basis.

The ObservIST will launch its 4th call for best practices in January 2019. If you have new ideas and experiences to share, please download and fill in the form These should have been finalized, put in place and meet the requirements, as stated in

We invited the IST community to participate in this 4th call.