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Professor Arlindo Oliveira re-elected president of Técnico

Professor Arlindo Oliveira was re-elected president of Técnico by the School Assembly. He took office this Monday and shared his ambitions for this new mandate.

The swearing-in ceremony of President-elect Arlindo Oliveira took place this Monday, November 6. This event was held at Alameda campus, in Salão Nobre, and was attended by a wide audience, which shows “our unity around a single candidate”, as referred by professor Paulo Martins, president of the School Assembly.

The rector of Universidade de Lisboa, professor António Cruz Serra, reinducted professor Arlindo Oliveira as president of Técnico, who spoke of “love and pride” cemented during the last three mandates, but also of everything he wants to achieve in the mandate that it’s about to start. “I would like that Técnico ranked in the Top 10 European engineering schools”, said professor Arlindo Oliveira.

To this end professor Arlindo Oliveira pointed out some strategies: continue to attract world-class faculty and researchers as well as international students, modernise spaces and teaching methods, expand Técnico partner network and strengthen ties with Técnico alumni community. “I know I can count on you to achieve these goals”, said the president of Técnico.

According to professor António Cruz Serra “ranking the Top 10 seems to me a great purpose. You will have my support and ULisboa in the pursuit of these goals”. “I am sure that the good work carried out so far will be continued”, he noted.

The members of the Governing Board took office during the ceremony: the vice presidents Luís Castro (Financial Management), Luís Correia (Management of Taguspark Campus), José Marques (Management of CTN Campus), Luís Miguel Silveira (International Affairs), Fátima Montemor (Academic Affairs), Jorge Morgado (Administrative Management), Luís Guerra e Silva (Information and Communications Technology), Luís Caldas de Oliveira (Entrepreneurship and Corporate Relations), Palmira Ferreira da Silva (Communication), João Gomes Ferreira (Facilities and Equipment) and the administrator Nuno Pedroso.